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Magzalea is home to almost 200 unique and loving souls. We come in all shapes, sizes, species, backgrounds! 

This page is still being updated! Many residents still to be added!

BOOGER!!!! Also known as Barthalamule Bugaroo Booger Pants. We met Booger in 2014, a young, nervous, sweet and innocent Highlander steer. I have met lots of animals, but something about him made me more emotional than usual. There was this "way" about him. I couldn't shake it. I mulled over how I could find him a pass for life. You see, he was supposed to be for beef. We also had no place for him at our farm at the time. We had outgrown it and were still looking for that new special home for all of us. I just couldn't shake it though. Luckily for us the stars aligned and we were given the opportunity to purchase him AND we could keep him there until we were ready! Booger, is now 4, he's home with us and has grown up to be quite the goober. He is a gentle giant but you have to watch those crazy horns! Aside from that he will happily let you rub his head and feed him alfalfa cubes all while cramming his tongue up into his nose holes.

2016, there were several loose cattle roaming the streets and properties in Sullivan, NH. Many people, many hours, failed attempts but finally they were brought to safety. many arrived at our friends farm in Richmond. We offered to take in one timid but curious girl whom we named Leotie (Flower of the Prairie). What we didn't know was that Leotie was going to become Leotie and Makwa (Bear)! Leotie is a sweetheart, she likes to follow you and hang out from a distance. Shes a fantastic mom. Mak is growing up fast and is Mr. Independent. Usually you will find him exploring in the woods and nosing around in the brush. It's quite beautiful to see them together.


Meet "Ribeye", new to the family. We have nicknamed him Rye and the easy ole "Big Guy' nickname also seems to come out with ease. Rye, is a gentle giant who was very loved in his last home. He and Booger have quite literally hit it off. Its not an uncommon sight to see him and Booger playfully hitting horns and dancing around the pen together. I have also learned that Rye and his little sheep ewe neighbor Liza, have become quite fond of eachother. They like to greet eachother through their shared fence by rubbing noses.

Poppy, Hilda, Sadie.jpg

Poppy is our first long eared kid. She came here urgently and we were told she was a mini. We were at our old location and figured she was a mini so we could put her in with the alpaca boys. Imagine our surprise when the trailer pulled up and we saw her butt in the back of the trailer! Poppy is a standard donkey, and a big sweetie. She still did great with the boys and was their main long ear for a long time. Thats until Hilda and Sadie came.... Hilda and Sadie are in fact minis, they are a couple of senior sisters who were solely used as guard animals and for breeding. They both suffered horrific hoof issues that to this day we fight together. These 3 are what set our special love for long ears into motion. Through all our battles and triumphs we learned so much together. 


Maeve was pulled from a PA Killpen, February 2019. She clearly had a rough background. Scars, both emotional and physical. It took weeks of patience and positive reinforcement training to get a halter back on her, to lead her. Her love amazingly came fast but she needed extra patience and time to re-learn basics. She still has her struggles but we are making strides! She is a real love but does tend to get jealous and bossy from time to time with the others. We are confident that she has nothing but a bright future!

Izzy, he's the happiest guy. He's one of the naughtiest guys. We have been working with him for over 3 years now. Sometimes behavioral issues are so deeply embedded. He really thinks he's being funny, I think... His tail is always wagging and hes always  smiling. You start petting him or giving him belly rubs and when he seems so relaxed and peaceful *WHAM* he nips at ya! We keep him safe in his space and don't allow any unsupervised visitors. All that being said, he loves his chicken and duck friends! He shares his feed with them, sleeps with them, and is always sweet as can be with them! Though he would have most likely been euthanized for his bad behavior if sent to a shelter, we are devoted to giving him a good life and will continue to work with him even if it gets us nowhere...

Georgia, Georgia Rose, Georgia Peach, George, Georgie. She was living under a trailer next to an empty diner off rte 12. She didn't want to go back inside and didn't care much for the dogs she was living with. The people whom had her couldn't keep her as they were renting, so, they reached out to us. After much coercing, she finally loaded up to come with us. I also feel she isn't fond of women. She was initially a bully when she came here but has responded well to us. She and Petunia are now best buds, roomies and snuggle buddies. We still have some work to do but once winter "hibernation" is over we will get back to it full force.

Violet and Chloe were piglets raised by a local school for pork. One of the student's mother couldn't bear to see them slaughtered so she took them in. These girls are Mulefoot sows, though not the largest hog breed they are still around 500 -600 lbs. Once they were fully grown she found it hard to keep up with them. Mulefoots are listed as "critical" status on the Livestock Conservancy list.

Violet is nothing but a big love, she loves having her butt rubbed! Chloe is more timid, and can be a bit of a bully but she has been settling down this past year. They love their mud hole and Violet cant get enough of the hose!

Zeb & Ziggy. Our first ever "bottle babies". Both born the spring of 2014. It was cold and raw and Zeb lost portions of both his hind legs to frost bite. One right above the hoof and the other below the knee. When we picked him up we had also found Ziggy, thin and neglected by his mom. We really didnt think he was going to make it the night but wanted to try. After weeks of around the clock care both boys made a full recovery. They are now full grown and still best buddies, to eachother, and us!

Mischievous Merle. Long time family member and one of our most lovable seniors! He loves to get into and climb on everything. He's a big boy and he knows it! He's a ninja goat, he will creep up on the unsuspecting, hahaha! He has a heart of gold and loves everyone he meets as every one who meets him falls in love with his big personality!


Charlie, the llama amongst the alpacas. Charlie was rescued from a kill pen in 2018 by a kind woman who nursed him back to health. He was placed in another home but didn't fit in well. Charlie came here February 2019 and has been a perfect fit. He is stoic yet sweet. He tolerates all the alpaca shenanigans! He's found his perfect home.


Zeppelin joined the family in 2015.  Zeppelin is the smallest but the mightiest . He doesn't like when others rough house or fight , he breaks up any mischief in his presence. He is quiet and curious yet still maintains order!

When we rescued Maeve we were asked if we had room for one more... Alice, sweet, shy, pregnant Alice! Alice came off the stock trailer that night in February 2019 following Maeve, no halter, no lead, wild and FREE... We started from scratch with her. She had no trust and no basic handling. She has been one of the most amazing souls I have met. Once she trusts, she is a fast learner! She gave birth to sweet, silly little Eddie April 28th 2019!


Lillian and Gertrude... these 2 sisters came here at 3 months old. They were dining on chickens and ducks and their previous family couldn't get them to stop. I'm happy to report that no poultry kids were harmed since their arrival. Through change in diet, training and poultry proofing they have been successfully integrated into the family! They now can be around their poultry siblings without wanting to chase or eat them!!!

Rainbow Bridge

Never to be forgotten

Sarah was an old gal who was diagnosed with eye cancer in 2017. She was raised with love and it shows. Sadly her former home/ family thought they would have to put her down so they kept her, after re-homing the younger, healthier cows. However, this old bird was a fighter! They reached out to us as they were hoping to find her a "retirement home" until she was ready to pass onto the next life.  Her and Booger were best buds and rarely apart. Sadly, Sarah lost her fight late summer 2019. The herd and humans mourned and we will never forget her sweet, strong, playful presence.

Our sweet old Petunia passed away at an approximate age of 17. She was the first Mini pig and the one who taught us the most.

Petunia came to us  Easter 2014.  She lived in a barn and didn't have any buddies. She didn't care to be touched, but would come when called and take treats. She had made many new friends in the 6  years she was with us! She was stoic in nature but could be quite mischievous, as you can see from her profile picture! She was an absolute love and when you looked at her you couldnt help but feel she was looking into you. She was a wise soul and has taught us all so much about "mini" pigs.

staley web.jpg

Staley was a sole surviving bottle baby at another farm, several years ago. He lived as a cow for a bit but really needed to be with other goats. He moved here at a young age and settled in fast! Staley, was one of the OG goats here at Magzalea and is missed every day.

Shadow, Shady man, Slim Shady, this guy was the ruler of the equines. What a presence he had. He was a senior ex carnie mini horse from Rhode Island. He had attitude and humor like you wouldn't believe. I'll never forget the day he came here. He immediately made himself at home and started calling the shots. He was the first to greet people and loved to show off for them. Not sure there will ever be another like him.

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