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Maisie is one of our special needs residents. She was rescued from a farm raising cattle for beef. Her deformities ultimately saved her life. She was too small to be marketable for beef so the farmer offered her up. The only bright side is they didnt take her to auction. Auctions are a whole nother' nightmare. Maisie's deformities could either be from inbreeding, possible untreated joint ill as a calf or some other cause. Most farmers will not invest in medical care for unprofitable animals. She was already 2 when she came to the sanctuary so her history is purely speculative. She has arthritis and requires routine joint support. Because of the curve of her legs she also wears hers hooves different so frequent rasping or trims is needed.

Maisie could really use a sponsor or better yet- 4! Would you consider being one?


2016, there were several loose cattle roaming the streets and properties in Sullivan, NH. Many people, many hours, failed attempts but finally they were brought to safety. many arrived at our friends farm in Richmond. We offered to take in one timid but curious girl whom we named Leotie (Flower of the Prairie). What we didn't know was that Leotie was going to become Leotie and Makwa (Bear)! Leotie is a sweetheart, she likes to follow you and hang out from a distance. Shes a fantastic mom. Mak is growing up fast and is Mr. Independent. Usually you will find him exploring in the woods and nosing around in the brush. It's quite beautiful to see them together.


Rye was spared from being turned into meat. He was kept as a companion for several yaers until the family could no longer keep him.  Rye, is a gentle giant who was very loved in his last home. He and Booger have quite literally hit it off. Its not an uncommon sight to see him and Booger playfully hitting horns and dancing around the pen together. I have also learned that Rye and his little sheep ewe neighbor Liza, have become quite fond of eachother. They like to greet eachother through their shared fence by rubbing noses. Rye has since developed a little crush on Nettie (Hildas daughter), no worries though. Booger is quite happy being a third wheel!


BOOGER!!!! Also known as Barthalamule Bugaroo Booger Pants. We met Booger in 2014, a young, nervous, sweet and innocent Highlander steer. I have met lots of animals, but something about him made me more emotional than usual. There was this "way" about him. I couldn't shake it. I mulled over how I could find him a pass for life. You see, he was supposed to be for beef. We also had no place for him at our farm at the time. We had outgrown it and were still looking for that new special home for all of us. I just couldn't shake it though. Luckily for us the stars aligned and we were given the opportunity to purchase him AND we could keep him there until we were ready! Booger, is now 4, he's home with us and has grown up to be quite the goober. He is a gentle giant but you have to watch those crazy horns! Aside from that he will happily let you rub his head and feed him alfalfa cubes all while cramming his tongue up into his nose holes.

Hilda was a calf born from the same situation as Makwa. Her mother was caught and sent to a farm where she gave birth to Hilda. Hilda wound up bred and had Nettie. Hilda took after her mother and kept getting loose. She really wanted a taste of freedom. Eventually it got to be too much so here they are at sanctuary! Together for all their days and no more babies! Hilda is a big sweetheart but also kind of the wallflower of the crew. Her daughter Nettie is a bit on the feral side but is warming up slowly... Nettie and Rye have actually become very close pals and have quite the crush on one another.

When we rescued Maisie we had concerns about ever putting her in with the large, horned cows. So we were open to rescuing a smaller companion for her social needs once she was through quarantine and healthy enough. Fate brought us to Hoss! Hoss is an older dwarf dexter who was being retired as a bull. Unfortunately this "retirement" meant going to the slaughterhouse. Fortunately, the farmer was sad to see this happen and when we discussed, they agreed to have him steered (neutered) and send him to sanctuary. Hoss is a very sweet boy but was never much of a fan of being handled or receiving affection from people. He is such a gentle big/ little guy and with time has actually come to let us give him the occasional butt scritch!

After rescuing Hoss we were asked if we would be open to taking his two best friends who also were about to be "retired"... So, then came Mary and Martha. Two older Irish Dexter ladies. Even though Mary has horns she is VERY sweet and she and Martha joined Hoss and Maisie with no issues. Maisie brightened right up having a herd her size and all have become so close. Martha, like Hilda, is a bit shy and just follows everyones lead. She was very timid at first but has really learned to trust us and is such a sweet girl! They truly completed the family.

Hoss, Mary and Martha ended up being more than just best friends! Turned out that Hoss was able to father a few more kiddos before he was castrated... Mary and Martha both arrived preggo and we were in for a surprise! Martha gave birth to Hazel in November 2021 and Mary gave birth to Lona December 14th. Wild, right?! Now the family truly is complete and both kids get to spend their lives with BOTH parents in sanctuary!!! Maisie loves being the naughty aunt, she joins right in the shenanigans with her little nieces. Such a beautiful family!

If you would like to sponsor any one of these amazing individuals, we know they would be so grateful! You can personally sponsor OR a sponsorship for someone who loves animals is also a great gift. You choose the amount that fits your budget! You will receive a welcome kit and occasional snail mail from your "adopted" resident.

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