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If you would like to sponsor any one of these amazing individuals, we know they would be so grateful! You can personally sponsor OR a sponsorship for someone who loves animals is also a great gift. You choose the amount that fits your budget! You will receive a welcome kit and occasional snail mail from your "adopted" resident.

"Not So Large Marge". She is a little feisty old lady! Our favorite story of Marge that also describes who she is, is the day we met her. We were at an abandoned property trying to gather up some little homeless ladies that did NOT want to come. After an hour of running around catching the girls and loading into the trailer we glanced over and there was Marge, sitting on a busted lawn mower. We calmly walked over and just scooped her up! Marge has never shown fear. matter of fact, all the sanctuary dogs are terrified of her. She takes zero guff, from anyone!

Myrtle, came from the Marge situation above... she was one whom we had to chase to bring to safety.  Myrtle was a wild one but now, now she is a happy, chill, sweet old lady. She is the brains of the operation, as we say. She is the one who knows how to open all the gates! She is the ones who brings everyone to the barn to look for snacks. She is the reason we have extra straps on all gates, haha!

Moxie, also one of the "wild children". She is a pretty serious girl. She can be a bit standoffish but if you catch her in the right mood she will happily take some head scritches. She isn't much for playing or goofing around, she would much rather hang out on the porch and watch.

Matilda, Marge's daughter and the biggest attention lover! You can tell she was born here. She is everything "cliche" about goats. She loves to play and head butt her friends. Se loves jumping on everything and is very mischievous.  She loves attention, hugs, head and butt scritches, all of it.

Little Ophelia. She is little on the shy side with people but LOVES to play with her sister Frida and other friends. She is a little pipsqueak and is adorable in all the ways. She loves the porch swing and though tiny, will shove others off it when she wants her turn!

Big gal, Mabel! Mabel was bred for meat... thankfully we got to her first!. She is a very large girl and because her breed has been bred for meat we have to carefully watch her weight. She suffers from extreme hoof deformities and overall bad feet. She requires frequent trims and general hoof care. Mabel is a big marshmallow, she is so sweet and mellow. She also makes the BEST facial expressions!

Anise joined the gang when her companion passed away. Goats are very social animals so keeping them solo isnt good for the emotional health. Anise is a bossy girl and those horns can be a bit intimidating. She mainly gets "pushy" at feeding times so she eats off on her own. Everyone is aware of her needs and they have no problem staying away! She has become besties with Mabel and Mabel may be the only one who keeps her in line.

Minx, Moxies daughter and Matilda's best and first friend. Minx is a sassy little munchkin and is an absolute riot to observe. She gives Ophelia a run for her money when its "swing time".

Alphie came when his person unexpectedly passed away. He is a gentle and silly dude. He is the "puppy" of the pack and will follow you wherever you go! 

Last but not least, Frida! Frida, Ophelia's sister and best pal! Frida is more into destroying old electrical spools while her sister steals the porch swing. Being mischievous is their favorite pastime. Good thing they have each other!

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