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Forest Path

Chloe came with her sister Violet who sadly passed away winter of 2023. Both girls were the first new residents we welcomed when we moved to our current property in 2015. They were raised by a private school from piglets to teach the kids about raising their own food. One of the student's mother couldn't bear to see them slaughtered so she took them in. Chloe is a  Mulefoot, though not the largest breed she is still around  600 lbs. Once they were fully grown she found it hard to keep up with them. Mulefoots are listed as "critical" status on the Livestock Conservancy list. Sad they are raised for food. Both girls were two of the sweetest and we miss Violet dearly. Chloe in her old age has mellowed out a lot and now just enjoys lounging around with her feathered friends and waiting for us to deliver snacks!

Ida ad Vera came to the sanctuary in 2016 as just little piglets. They were bred to be slaughtered but thankfully we were able to bring them here to safety. Most pigs are slaughtered for meat as young as 6 months, sometimes younger. The life they would missed out on. They have enjoyed nothing more than helping us clear land and exploring new areas. They are now two huge girls and even though they are older they are still very active.

Georgia, Georgia Rose, Georgia Peach, George, Georgie. She was living under a trailer next to an empty diner off rte 12. She didn't want to go back inside and didn't care much for the dogs she was living with. The people whom had her couldn't keep her as they were renting, so, they reached out to us. After much coercing, she finally loaded up to come with us. She also wasn't fond of women so that took some extra patience. She was initially a bully when she came here but has learned social skills since. 

Pete and Pippi were both rescued after being left on a property in northern NH. Pete is a very shy guy. Pete initially was very scared of women which leads us to believe he was mistreated. He has since gotten past his past. Pete has warmed up so much but still is timid around those he doesnt know. Pippi not as much. She likes to be the queen bee. She definitely was the dominant one. Once we got them here ad settled, Pete kept getting out the little pig area. Finally, we listened to him and moved him in with Boris. They are the perfect Odd Couple! The two have been together for years now and get along perfect!

Boris came from a loving home but due to downsizing came to live with us. He is an absolute snuggle bug. There are honestly no quirks with Boris. He just loves to live and let live. He loves ear scritches, pumpkins, and Pete!

A friend of ours had taken in a pregnant kunekune (Gracie) and so we took in Echo and Fern from the litter. These two sweeties have never seen a bad day, matter of fact they make bad days, good days! They have helped many acclimate to sanctuary life. Their outlook is contagious and they have made a difference in many lives!

Lillian and Gertrude... these 2 sisters came here at 3 months old. They were dining on chickens and ducks and their previous family couldn't get them to stop. I'm happy to report that no poultry kids were harmed since their arrival. Through change in diet, training and poultry proofing they have been successfully integrated into the family! They now can be around their poultry siblings without wanting to chase or eat them!!!

Albert was in need of sanctuary after his caregiver passed away suddenly. This little senior's world was turned upside down. he was so nervous here at first. It took about a year for him to really feel at home. Now Albert is a little boss! He's the smallest in the crew and sneaks through everyone when we are handing out treats so he can get his first! He is all about butt scritches and will reward you with that adorable smile if you come through!

Aurora is the youngest of the lil pigs. She took awhile to learn to play well with others as she didnt have to share before... share with other pigs that is. She now coexists with her older family members and shares!!! She is a very opinionated little lady. She loves butt scritches but not too found of her ear. She is one of the first to greet and loves to follow us around the living quarters. She prefers to sleep alone so we have a special little hut just for her! 

Mr. P is the eldest of the lil pigs, born in 2006! He wears his years of wisdom well. Mr. P gets daily body massages (which he LOVES)  and when his winter coat falls out for the season he gets sunblock and moisturizer for his aging skin. He gets cbd treats as well to help curb joint and other age issues. 

Gracie is the mama of the crew. She takes no gruff. She bulls her way through anyone standing between her and her destination. She loves to eat by herself, as sharing isn't really her thing. At her age, whos gonna argue. Shes earned the royalty status. She loves napping and eating. Thats pretty much her whole routine actually....

Frankie, Frank the Tank, Frankie Lee! The son of Gracie and Echo and Ferns brother. Frankie was a delicate baby, he almost didnt make it. He was bottle fed and nursed to health by our dear friend who had him and Gracie the past several years. Frankie is overweight but has slimmed down some. He is built like a table.... He is much more active now that he's trimmed down and having new scenery has encouraged him to get up and move. Lots to explore! He tends to get bullied, even with his large stature. He is a big sweetie though and we just love having him here with his family and friends.

Otis is the goofball of the crew! He will sit for treats and if you approach and he holds his mouth open... well he is hoping you are going to put something in it! He is a very friendly guy and is a very active guy. He is the first up and usually the last to go to bed. He loves exploring in the woods and searching for "earthy snacks".

If you would like to sponsor any one of these amazing individuals, we know they would be so grateful! You can personally sponsor OR a sponsorship for someone who loves animals is also a great gift. You choose the amount that fits your budget! You will receive a welcome kit and occasional snail mail from your "adopted" resident.

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