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If you would like to sponsor any one of these amazing individuals, we know they would be so grateful! You can personally sponsor OR a sponsorship for someone who loves animals is also a great gift. You choose the amount that fits your budget! You will receive a welcome kit and occasional snail mail from your "adopted" resident.


Poppy has been at the sanctuary since 2013. Our first resident long ear, actually. She came here urgently and we were told she was a mini. We were at our old location and figured if she was a mini we could put her in with the alpaca boys. Imagine our surprise when the trailer pulled up and we saw her butt in the back of the trailer! Poppy is a large standard donkey, and a big sweetie. She still did great with the alpacas and was their main long ear for a bit. Poppy had a fear of men so it took some patience and trust building to help her get over that fear. Now she loves all!

Maeve was pulled from a PA Killpen, February 2019. She clearly had a rough background. Scars, both emotional and physical. It took weeks of patience and positive reinforcement training to get a halter back on her, to lead her. Her love amazingly came fast but she needed extra patience and time to re-learn basics. She still has her struggles but we are making strides! She is a real love but does tend to get jealous and bossy from time to time with the others. We are confident that she has nothing but a bright future!

When we rescued Maeve we were asked if we had room for one more... Alice, sweet, shy, pregnant Alice! Alice came off the stock trailer that night in February 2019 following Maeve, no halter, no lead, wild and FREE... We started from scratch with her. She had no trust and no basic handling. She has been one of the most amazing souls I have met. Once she trusts, she is a fast learner! She gave birth to sweet, silly little Eddie April 28th 2019!

Jethro joined the sanctuary via our friends at Save Your Ass Rescue to hopefully become friends with young Eddie. Mission accomplished! The two immediately hit it off. He is a high energy mini mule who loves to race around, boss around anyone bigger than him and play with Eddie and Alice. Did we mention, Alice adopted him? Thats right he is her adopted son. Alice, Eddie and Jethro are 3 peas in a pod. Jethro is a very smart and loving little man!

Patrick came from a farm in Vermont. He was used for riding but the farm was downsizing. Patrick is here to hang up the saddle and just enjoy his golden years. He is one of the most gentle guys. He is always so calm and chill. Fun fact: Patrick has a bone that protrudes from his chin. It doesnt hurt him any BUT occasionally he has bonked us with it! On accident of cource.

Poppy had lost her best friend Dixie and was feeling very lonely. So we worked with another rescue, Gerdas Equine, to help another donkey. We found out about Marigold and immediately fell in love. As we started the process of getting her here we also learned of her daughter, Petunia. There is no way we would have left her behind or separated them.  Both girls were at some point extremely overweight. They both have broken crests and terrible feet. They will remain on a strict diet and supplement plan and will need additional veterinary and farrier support. Both need sponsors, could that be you?

Travis came from a severe neglect case in NJ. He has been through so much. When Travis arrived here in 2022 he immediately had to have an ulcerated eye removed. We then spent months trying to save his other eye. Though he was blind we felt he could see shadows or light with that eye. Unfortunately that one also had to be removed in 2023. Travis was fortunate to have the bestest guide and friend to help him settle in here and get through both surgeries, Bob. Travis is extremely intelligent, trusting, and he is a survivor! Though sightless, he doesnt skip a beat. He knows his paddock and outbuildings like the back of his hoof.

Travis will continue to have routine training and could use a sponsor.

Clem joined the family early 2024 after losing her long time friend, (coincidentally) also named Bob around the same time "our" Bob passed away. She moved in with Travis and the 2 become fast friends. Immediately actually! She is a sassy little girl with a big attitude but she is a perfect match for Travis. The two absolutely love one another. She will need some training and trust building but we believe she will settle into herself beautifully!

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