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Magzalea Farm & Sanctuary started in 2002 as a Private family operated farm sanctuary. Founded and maintained for several years by the Exel Family, Mandy and Silas along with their 2 boys Isiah and Koda. As we have grown, we also found we needed to move as we outgrew our space. in 2015 we purchased 8.6 acres with a "fixer up'er" of a house, but the land and location was perfect for our goal. A year later we were blessed with the purchase of the 84 acres next to us.  We have since moved and are currently still rebuilding... We narrowed our focus on the care of handicapped, orphaned, elderly, and animals that require long term care or with special medical needs. The misfits of rescue if you will. The "unadoptables". Since that decision, we obtained 501(c)(3) non profit status and raise some funds through the sales of our all natural homemade products and through fundraisers. Still, the majority of the cost comes out of our own pockets. We certainly welcome any donations, which is the main reason for obtaining non profit status. Your generous donations will be tax deductible! We continue to look for creative ways to raise funds and share awareness. 


Though we wish we could take in every animal in need, we also know our limitations. We have helped many people re-home companion animals, but we do not adopt out from our sanctuary. We are happy to help in any way possible for the welfare of an animal and those that fall victim to difficult life scenarios. We are always available to answer questions or help people find the answers they need for their animals, after all, its all about them!

We do allow visitors, but please, appointment only. 

Meet The Board

Mandy Exel: President and Co-Founder

Mandy founded Magzalea, is the Sanctuary Manager and shovels all the poop. She makes all the products and doesnt sleep much. She's a stress case and worries incessantly over everything. Good thing she has a supportive husband, great kids and amazing friends as a support system. Mandy, grew up on a small farm in Antrim, NH and always knew she wanted the same upbringing for her kids. Always up for a challenge and a very stubborn mindset led her to devote every extra second and cent to helping animals in need. Always a misfit herself, she heard her calling from the universe loud and clear.

Silas ExelHonorary board member and Co-Founder. He's the man who saw and supported his wife's vision. The rock. Silas devotes his time to building, wrangling, fence building, transporting, hay tossing and so much more.

Isiah & Koda ExelThe human children of Magzalea (though now grown men). Even though they have "flown the coop" they still help in any way possible. 

Melissa Sheerin: Treasurer

Melissa spent several years as a volunteer at Magzalea. Her primary focus has always been on fundraising and helping with in person events. She still volunteers her time but now has added the task of overseeing Magzalea's finances. Thankfully she is great with numbers, super organized and very accountable. Having her as part of our team has been a major benefit!

Lynn Davis: Director

Lynn brings so much to the Magzalea team. She has a background with Cattle, Sheep, Goats, horses and more. She herself works hard at her own farm. Heartstone Farm in Richmond NH began in 1978 and focused on introducing children to animals. Teaching kids what was involved and how to care for them. Currently Lynn and her 2 daughters enjoy Organic gardening, raising bees and taking in an occasional wayward critter. She is at every fundraiser and always makes herself available to help. Lynn is our girl when it comes to the babies and expecting moms. 

Stefanie Smith: Secretary

Stefanie met us some years back trying to rescue the same loose rooster at our local Mr. Mikes gas station! We have been great friends since. Her primary residence is in Vermont. Stefanie manages our Volunteers and volunteers herself with fundraising, sewing, and bakes some pretty fantastic dog treats!

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