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2019 Year End Newsletter

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Greetings all,

2019 has been a pivotal year for us. As many know we have been rebuilding the sanctuary since 2015. This has not been an easy feat. Silas and I do 99% of the work here ourselves on top of working full time. We make every cent go as far as possible and somehow squeeze at least an extra hour of labor into each day. We could not have accomplished all that we have without the financial support of those who have graciously donated, bought our products, shared our mission with others, and/or participated in our fundraisers. We made incredible progress on our outbuildings, shelters, paddocks and of course providing the best possible home for the kids.

We welcomed 19 animals to their forever home. A home that will be their last, into a family that surrounds each other with love and support. Maeve the mule along with Alice the Shetland pony were both slaughter bound. Alice later gave birth to a little colt, Eddie. Gertie and Lilly, both just piglets, came here due to what was believed to be behavioral issues but through diet and training are perfect little princesses. Liza and Ollie, Liza a sweet ewe and Ollie a senior babydoll sheep. Ribeye, a long horn steer, whom we nicknamed Rye, will get to live his natural life amongst his new family and friends. Senior mini horse duo Bentley and Prophecy rescued by our dear friends at Home At Last Farm joined the family just this month! These are just a few of the unique misfits to join the sanctuary family.

Because what is life without balance?

We also helped 6 seniors and 2 with illness cross over the bridge. Luna, the senior alpaca who suffered from cervical scoliosis. We had a wheelchair custom made, worked daily on physical therapy only to sadly lose her to the treatment meant to slow down her illnesses progression. Sarah, 17 year old Hereford cow who’s eye cancer became to uncomfortable to live her best life. We were happy to have given her 2 more years after her diagnosis. Shady, the senior mini horse who suddenly developed neurological issues that immobilized him. Milo, the senior fainting goat, passed away peacefully in his sleep from heart failure. Petunia, the first pig to come into our family over 6 years ago. She also passed away in her sleep surrounded by her pig family. Who can ever forget little Tulip. The sweet little goat who was born with special needs. She never learned to eat on her own and eventually her little body quit. Each and every one of them passed on knowing love and family and transitioned with peace and dignity. Though this is the hardest part of our mission, we have been blessed to share our lives with so many incredible beings. Each and every resident of the sanctuary has a piece of our hearts.

We look forward to the new year ahead and can’t thank you all enough for being a part of our little misfit family. So many of you have stood behind us through the good and bad and having that emotional support means the world to us. Most days are full of love and light but we also have our share of sad and dark. What gets us through is knowing that each of these animals got the best chance at a happy ending ❤️

So much love and thanks,

The Magzalea Gang

Mandy, Silas, Koda, Delilah, Gus, Beatrice, Josephine, Rosalie, Sanford, Esther, Dupree, Merle, Woody, Lou, Cash, Marge, Cecile, Moxie, Frida, Ophelia, Mable, Myrtle, Matilda, Minx, Zeb, Ziggy, Zeppelin, Dharma, Doris, Liza, Zinnia, Charlie, Ditto, Sammy, Julio, Tia, Merida, Honey, Sterling, Avenger, Prince, Poppy, Hilda, Sadie, Maeve, Alice, Eddie, Dixie, Pearl, Patrick, Bentley, Prophecy, Booger, Leotie, Makwa, Rye, Chloe, Violet, Boris, Iz, Ida, Vera, Echo, Fern, Gertie, Lilly, Georgia, Pete, Pipi, Hobo, Gypsy, Cosby, Mary, Skittles, Checkers, Soda, Aster, CJ, Margaret, Rosa, Whiskey, Althea, Helen and the rest of the crew.

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