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Fundraising More Important Than Ever!

A giant, heartfelt, grateful HUG to each and everyone that has supported us! As we said in our last update, a lot is changing here. Our fundraising efforts will be at an all time high and we will need that support more than ever. Hopefully many will join our #GivingTuesday campaign and help us reach our goal! We need 1000 people to donate a minimum of just $5 on Tuesday November 27th. In addition, we have our annual Facebook Online Holiday Auction coming up as well on December 2nd. After the New Year, we will be coming up with more fundraising ideas. Heres why, Once the land clearing is complete, we will need more fencing supplies for the animals, more portable shelters will need to be built, and a foster area for potbelly pigs will be created! The animals have been patiently waiting to gain more space since we started rebuilding at our new location. They are excitedly waiting to explore new spaces! This coming year will be a very busy year! We WILL be in need of volunteers, if interested please fill out a volunteer packet and email or mail to us so we can contact you when ready. Thank you all!!!

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