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To Foster aaaaall the little pigs

I have been contacted several times over the last few months about taking in potbelly pigs. Fostering. Many shelters are not equipped to have them. This has really been eating away at me, as we, at our little Inn... is full. I would really like to add to our project plan for 2018 a Foster Area. To clear an area of land and build an area just for fostering pigs. An easy access spot for meet and greets. We do not adopt out from our sanctuary, but to help potbellies as well as local rescues and shelters would be something we could do. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please contact us! If anyone would like to donate to that project please, PLEASE do! When you are a sanctuary, there are limitations. Where we do not adopt out we seldom have openings for new animals. If we could start by doing this, that would help us contribute more to the welfare of these amazing beings.

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