Special Announcements 

Thanks to all who participated in our online auction! You all raised almost $1500 for the animals!

If you use Facebook please join our Fundraising Group  so you don't miss any fundraisers!

Spring is upon us (WooHoo) and everyone will be getting their spring tune ups! All will receive spring vaccinations, exams, fecal checks and de-worming where needed. All alpacas, llamas and sheep will get haircuts as well as teeth and toes. All equines get their dental exams and floating as needed. Also little Eddie has an appointment to be gelded. Poor little guy...

Our Spring bills total atleast $5000 so if anyone is in a position to donate, it would be greatly appreciated!!! Also, thank you to all who support us through donations, participating in our on line auctions, buying our products and/or attending our fundraisers. I hope you all know how much of a role you play in helping us do what we do!

Check out our Misfit Merch for monthly magnet fundraisers helping other rescues! Our rescue family/ network works a lot behind the scenes to help animals together. This is a great way to make a small donation supporting 2 organizations and get a nifty unique magnet in return! Who doesnt love refrigerator bling?!

Check out the re-vamped Misfit Merch Shop Page! 100% of proceeds goes to supporting the sanctury. We will be moving out of Etsy due to the increase in fees and now have everything here in one place!

THANK YOU ALL For all your support in 2019!!! There was a time we funded this sanctuary 100% out of our own pockets. This limited us on the amount of animals we could successfully help. Thanks to your donations and support we are financially able to provide the long term care these animals so greatly deserve! The next year or two will be above average for spending as we finish permanent shelters and paddocks but we are starting to see the light at the end of the rebuilding tunnel!

Be A Sponsor! Check out the many levels of Sponsorship under "Ways To Help" there is an affordable option for everyone! I say it all the time, it takes a village. We may shovel all the poop and do all the chores but without your help we wouldn't be able to even do those things!

Its Event and Fundraiser season!!! Be sure to check under events so you dont miss any! We rely on proceeds from these events along with donations to fund the sanctuary. Your participation is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks to everyone who donated and participated in our fundraisers to date! This year we got new shelters for all the alpacas, the mini pigs and girl goats, woot woot!!! They all send their love and gratitude to you!

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