Bea’s Best, 4 oz Dog Spray

Bea’s Best, 4 oz Dog Spray

Quit Your Itchin’ Spray:

As an owner of 7 dogs, 4 of which are pits who are prone to dry itchy skin, I wanted a spray to compliment the shampoo I make. I use this daily as needed especially during the winter. Our dogs constantly lay in front of the wood stove which doesn't help... But makes them happy! Also works great for bug bites, hot spots, dry skin etc. made with all natural, organic herbs and therapeutic grade essential oils - always!

Freshen Up Stinky Butt:

I run into a lot of stinky days with the pups! This spray has worked awesome! All natural, made with apple cider vinegar which you can smell initially but fades quick and the natural Rosemary smell takes over! Also full of skin conditioning ingredients as an added bonus!

THIS CONTAINS NO PRESERVATIVES. Please inspect before each use and do not allow water into the container. That being said, I have yet to have mold or any issues with my products. The pump does a great job keeping water out. Store in the fridge or a cool area.